Tri-Clamp Mesh Gasket

Tri-Clamp Mesh Gasket

  • 10 Mesh 316 Stainless Screen
  • Peroxide Cured
  • Meets 21CFR 177.2600
  • Buna – Rubber gaskets for general purpose industrial sealing at moderate temperatures (between -22° and 250°F)
  • EPDM – A very stable rubber-like gasket that resists heat, oxidation and aging, with flexibility at low temperatures. Working range is -60° to 300°F
  • FKM – Rubber gaskets providing indefinite seal from 5° to 400°F, and an excellent seal at 600°F up to 48 hours

Which gasket material is suitable for your application? Consult our Compound Selection Guide.

Tri-Clamp Mesh Gaskets are used for the reduction or elimination of particulates when medium passes through a clamp junction in the process line.

Tri-Clamp Fitting Guide


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